Kavalski Gardenworks
Garden Design  *  Installation  *  Maintenance
Our design process has several steps.
First, we meet with you and look at the site. 
We interview you about your needs, desires and preferences for the landscape.  Some of our questions might be:
--Do you have a particular garden style or feel in mind? 
--Are there particular plants or flower or foliage colors you prefer? 
--How will you use the space?  What will happen there?
--How will people and pets move thru the space?
--What kinds of paths or sitting spaces do you want?
--Do you have a preference for particular materials, such as a type of stone or mulch?
 We also ask for any existing information about your site, such as a copy of architectural plans.   
After this interview, we can provide a rough cost estimate for installation.
Next, we measure the site and prepare a base map of your property which shows relevant dimensions of your house, walkway and yard areas.  We also conduct a site analysis to determine how climate, soil quality, slope, views, utilities, easements and proposed uses will affect the landscape plan.
Next, we prepare a layout sketch for your review showing how the major elements of the plan area can be laid out, such as the location of planting areas versus pathways.
Fourth, in consultation with you, we provide a list of potential plants that suit your preferences.

Fifth, we prepare a planting plan depicting the location of structures, objects, paving and plants.
As we consider design alternatives, we will also provide you with updated estimates of installation cost.