Kavalski Gardenworks
Garden Design  *  Installation  *  Maintenance
Kavalski Gardenworks is based in Berkeley, California.

We design and install gardens which express our love of form, texture, scent, and color in plants, stone and other structures. 

In addition to planting, we install and maintain irrigation systems, low voltage lighting and water features.  We build patios, walls, pathways, benches, stone boulders and raised beds.
We choose California natives and plants from other parts of the world suited to the San Francisco Bay Area's summer-dry, winter-wet water cycle.
In planting and caring for gardens, we use no pesticides or herbicides. We emphasize organic and natural materials, such as compost and worm castings, for feeding and strengthening plant immune systems and soil.
          Contact us at 510-684-9655 or jim@kavalskigarden.com
California Landscape Contractor No. 954525
Member, California Landscape Contractors Association
Member, Association of Professional Landscape Designers
Bay Friendly Qualified, Landscape Design and Maintenance